A Rush of stupid to the head

What do you get when the media is bored with covering the economy and world affairs, the White House wants to kick its policies through the door as quickly as possible and demagogues on both sides of the fence have their sleeves rolled up, fisticuffs twirling in the air?

If you guessed a stupid feud between Rush Limbaugh and the Democrats, then you win! (The other right answer was, “The past 9 years.”)

Old Folk's Home

In a long-forgotten past, men gathered around a box to listen to Rush and drank stupid amounts of alcohol served to them by Barbra Bush. In the future, they'll gather around differently shaped boxes and drink stupid amounts of booze served by either robots or an older Barbra Bush.

Since when did the squabbling of Rush and his counterparts on the left matter at all? Sure, they vocalize the views of many Americans, quite successfully as well. But isn’t it rather farcical when  more attention is put  on partisan name-calling birthed by a discourse on the issues than the issues themselves?

Rush has been ranting against everything for years.  He has his fans, and he has his detractors. I’ll be open and say  I think he’s a big-mouthed idiot who goes for cheap shots and is mildly more articulate than Howard Stern (though Rush does enjoy pushing radio standards downward, what with his inane tirade against Michael J. Fox and repeated use of racial terminology in respect to Obama).

So why is the Obama administration bothering to put forth this huge blitz against Rush? Is there so much pent-up rage against him that the Democrats are itching to kick him to the curb? Does the White House have a soft hide, cushioned by the hero worship that became customary during the campaign and  opening days of the presidency?

Rush isn’t special, he’s just another talking head contributing nothing to the conversation. His kind come in all sorts of colors (some in the moderately  less distasteful “Al Franken”  hue and “O’Riley ” Red).

Let’s say the Democrats are hunting in the woods, and a huge bear  (a subtlety disguised reference to the economy) is coming their way. And instead of aiming their gun and firing, they’re brushing off some cousin their uncle forced them to bring along. This kid keeps on tugging at the Dem’s pants legs, asking stupid questions and picking his nose, but the Democrats are devoting far too much time trying to keep this brat at bay. By the time  the kid wanders off, the bear will have already gnawed off their leg. At which point the kid will thumb his nose and sing, “I told you so.”



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2 responses to “A Rush of stupid to the head

  1. Robert

    I’ll say this, America needs its one-note singers, like Rush Limbaugh, Al Sharpton, Fred Phelps (ok, maybe not Fred Phelps) Hannity, Maureen Dowd, Coulter, etc. America’s too PC. How else can normal people carve out their own beliefs, unless exposed to the extremes?

  2. Dan Rickershauser

    It’s important to realize too that Limbaugh being the “de facto leader of the Republican Party” only plays into the Democrats hands. I might even go as far to say that they are encouraging it because it puts the nail in the coffin for an already defunct minority party.

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