There Will be Bias

I'm sorry Mr. President, could you say that again?

I'm sorry Mr. President, could you say that again?

Look, I love the New York Times as much as the next news junkie, mostly because it’s free in McEwen. But the article, “Seeking Everyman, Obama Does Leno,” beside from the obvious awkwardness from the title, sums every every criticism the far right has thrown against the paper. What’s everyone talking about in wake of Obama’s interview? His incredibly regrettable comment comparing his bowling to the Special Olympics. That’s the sort of comment that you’d expect from an unoriginal comedian, or an episode of Family Guy, it’s not what the President should be saying. To his credit, Obama immediately apologized to the Special Olympics, but the damage has already been done. Every media outlet has it, for better or for worse, plastered all over its coverage.

The New York Times, on the other hand, doesn’t mention the gaffe until the very end of the article, as an offhand remark. What was deemed more important? The way he strode onto stage, how he shook Kevin Eubanks’s hand and what he was wearing. Oh, and a few paragraphs explaining just how wonderful it was that Obama went onto the show with the intent of re-connecting with the average American.

There could be a perfectly legitimate reason the New York Times made the article as it did, but from the standpoint of a reader, it’s just another example of the media fawning over Obama, with little concern given for his faults. And this is coming from ardent supporter of Obama!

Also, David Brooks’s article, “Perverse Cosmic Myopia” sounds like a terrible metal band that a bunch of high schoolers start up in someone’s basement.

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