A bridge to somewhere

At least it looks like a fancy bridge...

At least it looks like a fancy bridge...

The haggling over the stimulus package started up again with a bridge to Microsoft parking lot. The $36 million project connecting two wings of Microsoft’s headquarters will be the lucky recipient of $11 million in federal aid, because Microsoft’s cash reserves are, of course, historically minute. The construction will create just under 400 jobs for 18 months, which is always much appreciated, but once again, it’s the whole principle of the deal.

Is it the government’s place to lend a helping hand to a massive corporation for the purpose of marginally increasing the convenience of Microsoft employees? The point of the stimulus is to shove money on the economy’s plate until it finally, begrudgingly, decides to bullishly consume once again, so what does it matter where the money goes, as long as it flows through the economy effectively? There the public relations standpoint to worry about, since Microsoft isn’t the first company that comes to mind when thinking of those needing Mama Washington’s teat, or a bridge of convenience. But when a stimulus is as large as Obama’s is, there are going to be stupid, unwieldy decisions made. Let’s just hope that I get approval on my “Hursey’s Gate Bridge” connecting my bedroom to the barbecue restaurant.


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