4.8 Pendulum Preview!

Leading up to what’s sure to be a riveting tiny break before the final leg of the school year jumps upon us, this week’s Opinions section is once more chock-full of info to help those little gray cells, as Hercule Poirot would put it. This week’s excitement includes…

  • A look at an new program from the Alamance-Burlington school district that signals a bold, inspired change for the normalcy of the education system.
  • A remembrance of Eugene Gooch.
  • The matter of whether or not having guns on a campus would make anyone safer (believe it or not, Texas is considering this.)
  • A wrap-up of the G20.
  • Jaw-dropping graphics and yet another cartoon that must be seen in print to be believed!

Don’t get too jittery in anticipation of Wednesday morning though, you can sedate your anticipation with a look at our site later today for an early look at this week’s content. It’s an amazing thing, that Internet.


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