Um, Thanks, Hollywood…?

It’s not too often that an opinions section will have an editorial or contributor that writes only to commend something–I’m pretty sure Morgan has made that point before–but I think that it is well deserved in this case.

In my blog entry about the Where the Wild Things Are movie, I totally failed to mention, or focus on if I did mention it, the fact that Dave Eggers wrote it. The champion of McSweeny’s and Wholphin, along with being the author of a few incredibly successful novels, Eggers and his wife (who is also a notable author) are trying their luck in Hollywood. Or, rather, Hollywood is trying it’s luck on them.

Either way, the important thing is that Away We Go opened up. And this isn’t a review–I didn’t see it. But it is worth pause to consider the film/ movie industry’s rapid change in pace this last decade. It has moved from cheesy, lame action movies with flops like Rush Hour being big name movies, and becoming an industry that pumps out a pretty seriously thought-provoking, incredibly well made rendition of Batman. 

After I read a somewhat old interview on the AV Club’s website, it occurred to me again how this trend is starting to really set in. Not even just the directors are realizing that quality is what is most important, but the film world is taking an important step in combatting the average, cheap and ephemeral Hollywood flop.

Check out the interview when you get a chance and you’ll get what I’m saying.


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