As if we needed any more hype…

I just happened to stumble upon the ability for to transfer my hypemachine account onto the blog, which means that all of you loyal readers get to take a peek into what I’m tuned into music-wise. For everyone who doesn’t know, hypemachine is a site that hosts a bunch of songs that a multitude of blogs post about, giving you the chance to stream the tunes and favorite the ones you want to keep a hold of. Now of course, hypemachine is rather remix-heavy and topical, so it doesn’t exactly toss the best music in the world out there.

And that’s why, using a bit of 8 Track magic, the Opinions blog presents its first mix. It’s a bit hastily-made, and perhaps too focused on dance tunes, but I’ll leave that up to you all to decide. (Well, the magic is limited, the fancy flash interface that should be at the bottom of this post isn’t particularly agreeable, so just click on the link.


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