The Efforts Award

The Nobel Peace Prize

Well apparently anyone can win it, even if his or her so called “accomplishments” are represented only in a phrase and not by action. “Yes we can” and “change” are not copyrighted phrases but they seem to serve as constant motivation for an administration that gets nothing done.

According to the Nobel Prize website, the award was given to President Obama for his “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.”

Well considering that efforts don’t count as much as actions, I find this a poor, premature decision on prize committee’s part. Although I am of no authority to judge who is deserving and who is not, as an American with common sense it is impossible for me not to notice the current administration’s lack of progress when it comes down to dealing with important issues. With a stimulus bill that caused nothing more than economic waste and the possibility of a socialized healthcare plan, our government is merely postponing its responsibilities and not acting on the benefit of the nation. 

But the prize committee awarded him on the basis of “international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples,” so for now he can be excused from his inability to govern successfully. President Obama can frequently be seen on television and within other categories of the media. His charismatic nature and good public speaking skills are undoubtedly ways in which he promotes his agenda as well as his image to the public. As far as his international diplomacy, he successfully shakes hands with important foreign leaders like all other presidents do in their terms, so I suppose we can give him that one…

What do you think?



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3 responses to “The Efforts Award

  1. Sandra Gray

    I am glad that he said he is not accepting the award because of his accomplishments but he considers it a call to ACTION. I would like to see some positive action and not just talk, which he is good at.

  2. Justin Berger

    I agree; however, I place more blame on the Nobel Committee. The fact that the Committee awarded Obama the prize based upon his Presidential administration leaves no doubt that accomplishments were disregarded from the selection process.

    Don’t get me wrong, Obama has an impressive list of accomplishments, but very few have occurred during his time in Office, and that’s what the Committee stated they made the decision on, and that’s my problem with the whole situation.

  3. The NPC often gives the award to people who have done nothing. It’s used often to draw attention to efforts the committee finds encouraging.

    I think there is a strong ideological shift between Obama and Bush. They want to encourage that.

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