Leftist’s say what?

Over the past few weeks the White House has asked other news organizations to disregard programing and statements made by Fox News. Why is the administration doing this you ask? It’s simple! With the current struggle to pass a socialized healthcare system and to promote a liberal agenda, the administration seeks to block the conservative perspective to further their efforts for more government control. The administration claims that Fox News channel presents the news and issues with a conservative stance.

I suppose Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow are 100% neutral and unbiased with their news reporting. Otherwise this would not be an issue on valid reporting but an issue on promoting a leftist agenda. For an administration that claims “bipartisan” tactics, the decision to make a public statement about a conservative  news station only contrasts their efforts (or lack their of).



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4 responses to “Leftist’s say what?

  1. Well, promotion is different then poor journalism. I’d like to find (and I am sure it’s out there) an equivalent response to something like: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/10/20/the-ten-most-egregious-fo_n_327140.html

  2. Robert

    This article isn’t even approaching objectivity. The White House isn’t targeting Fox News Commentators. They are making an easy observation: their news is slanted. There is no such thing as a “conservative news network”. To make such a statement suggests that you agree with the assessment by the White House. Whether or not the White House should be attacking the Network is the real question worth exploring. But to simply say that Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann aren’t objective either is lazy.

  3. Josh Davis

    The problem is Fox News is reliably inaccurate. Not that it is biased. Or MSNBC for that matter. Aside from what people think bias isn’t nearly as dangerous as misinformation. And that’s Fox’s problem. Their errors in fact are nearly always slanted to hurt Democrats. Watch Olbermann’s “worst persons” sometime – he catches Fox in inaccuracies nearly 5 times a week, bias or not.

  4. Lauren Ramsdell

    I agree that if you’re going to single out one biased news source, you should single out the others too. I particularly am unnerved by MSNBC because it is exactly the opposite of Fox- the same kind of misinformation and spin, only on a left-leaning slant.

    I am very, very liberal, but I still prefer my news unbiased.

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