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Trumping the Texas taco

So, to all of you who think that tacos are meant for lunch or dinner – SHAZAM! They’re not. At least, not in Texas. The New York Times proves in this article that Texas does it best, at least at creating a tasty breakfast taco.

Yum. Well done, Austin!

Texas Tacos

Salsa wakes you right up!

The selling of this particular breakfast food enhances the blending of cultures. It is traditionally Mexican, but the Mexican owned businesses in Texas enhance the cultural ties to the food that Americans are so fond of. It’s like grits, biscuits and gravy down south. It’s a staple in Texan diets, so why not eat it in the morning?! Just another good thing bringing folks together.

Not all news is depressing. Sometimes, it’s tasty.

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And… EXIT!

So, it’s come to this. In the midst of quarrels about how to contribute to plans for world peace, stop terrorism and get water to those around the world that need it, people are debating about the most effective Exit sign.

The big red word, the little green man.

We’ve seen the huge red word lighting the exits in movie theaters for a while now, and I don’t know about you, but I’ve been fine! I see red, and I read EXIT, and I know what to do in case of an emergency. I’m not sticking around to smell smoke. But apparently, that’s not nearly enough. People need to see a man that represents themselves, in action. At least, that’s what people in the international sphere think.

People think our sign is stupid, actually. It’s too simple, too intolerant of people who don’t know english and who don’t understand what red means in the context of our culture. (It is a bit confusing though, if you think about it. Red DOES mean stop.)

This new green man makes sense, experts say. Green is the color of safety! Plus, it’s a pictogram!

Run! I'm green, so that means go! Now!

I don’t know – I just thought it was a bit hilarious that this was even being discussed. If you’re interested in traffic signs, though check out this slide show :).

Triangles, Squares, Hexagons, Oh my!

The debate ensues, but maybe in time we’ll all know where to go, and what we’re doing.

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