Do not enter if scantily clad

She stands on the sideline, chest exposed, shirt revealing a portion of her midriff. From a distance, there is no indication that she is on this field to provide a service to those dependent on her journalistic skills – rather, she could be anyone. Any woman, just standing there, with pride in her stance, and a normal appreciation for those who appreciate her – her body, that is.

Now, it may just be the culture of this Mexican sports journalist to wear form-fitting clothing, allow those around her to partake in her cleavage, or promote her shapely figure.

So, yeah.

But where is the line between self expression and professionalism? Yes, business employers note that they may be discriminatory toward potential employees if they arrive to an interview without business casual attire. But what of those with tattoos, piercing, or other forms of body art? Are they allowed to refuse their willingness to work by physical judgement alone? No, a tattoo shouldn’t define you, nor should a skin splitting blouse. It’s just pigment in the dermis of the skin, or cotton sheathing the torso. However, it is safe to say that the representation of the company you work for is at stake when you choose to put your own personal expression above company reputation.I doubt the quality of the quotes she receives are the unbiased, unfettered opinions of those she interviews. Her dress distracts subjects from the task at hand, which is to get the story across to the public. That’s it. It’s hard to stay objective about anything when the person you are speaking to is so clearly subjective about the message she is sending with her body.

Despite some language barriers, I seemed to get the sense that her argument in this video

is that she has every right to be sexy – and she does. But do you go to a coctail party in a wetsuit? Do you get married wrapped in Saran wrap? What if they very football payer she came to watch suited up to play their opponents in a three-piece suit? They would be unprepared to say the least. I think the same can be said about her.

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