Hypocrisy wreaks havoc on innocent believers

Pastor Eddie Long allegedly coerced a 15-year-old into sex on a trip to Africa. He denied allegations from three other men,along with the one mentioned above.

Apparently the pastor attempted to tell the young men that his attentions were unique, and special – he tried to tell them that they should appreciate what attentions were being bestowed upon them.

The initial accuser first met the Pastor in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Eddie Long has been vocal about his stance against homosexuality.


This story is quite similar to the story of Tye Tribbet, a Gospel singer who had an affair with a woman in his traveling performer group. He made a half-hearted apology on a Christian television show, and then told the public that he was attending rehabilitation activities to rebuild his marriage.

What’s more, when his friend, Da Truth tried to council the two, he ended up having an affair with Tye Tribbet’s wife. His transgressions landed him suspended from his label, and scrambling to apologize to his followers and supporters of his music. You can read the announcement here.

I’m just sick of it. I’m sick of famous religious figures a) using their position to force themselves upon trusting followers b) Christian performers spreading messages and ideologies in music they profit from despite committing the very sins they warn against, and c) the message sent to those who known nothing of the faith these perpetrators ascribe to, and use their wrongdoings as a measuring stick in which to judge other innocent believers.(Even worse, those who once believed, but through the abuse rendered, lose all hope in the positive aspects of what should be sacred.) It’s horrible, really.

These liars are ruining more than their reputation. They’re ruining an entire belief system.

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