Gimmie, gimmie MORE

No, it’s not about Britney. It’s about Benjamin.

I mean, it could be about over-consumption … period.

Yum - Chocolate fondue drizzled over egg, turkey, gravy, crab leg, and chicken nugget.

This is about Americans and their lifestyles or over-consumption – or not. the downturn in the economy seems to be planting some different seeds in the minds of those who don’t have enough to supply both their needs and wants.

Celebrity endorsements are on the rise, for some things which has almost no importance in the scope of what it truly required for basic existence. Lil’ Romeo’s ‘Rap snacks‘, for example, are exactly what the doctor ordered wen your house is up for foreclosure, and your car note is overdue.

It’s this “affluenza” that got us in this predicament in the first place – a ‘diagnosis’ that seems to make us seem overly obsessive about what we need to have, not what we currently do

Unfortunately though, I have a feeling that this won’t last for long. When the stock rise and the smoke clears, I think Americans will return to their capitalist ways – though it’s been proven that making more than a year doesn’t increase happiness levels – you can be happy with less.




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