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Guest Blogger: Another year has come and gone

This was written by Pendulum columnist Rebecca Cummings.

How do we prepare for the end of the year?

Most students would probably agree there is no real time to stop and think about it. Students can be found in the library at least 75 percent of their waking hours, in the back corner writing multiple research papers or preparing for projects and presentations. Some are probably praying the end of the year slows down just so they can have a chance to finish all their work.

It is a busy time for all. For some, the first year of college is over. For others, graduation is coming up. It is time to say goodbye to new friends. In the words of a friend of mine, “It isn’t goodbye. It is ‘later’ because ‘goodbye’ means I will never see you again.”
It is hard to say “goodbye” or “later” to those who will graduate May 21 because we do not know when we will get another chance to see them again. Life is starting for them. This time next year, the graduates will most likely be employed or will be in graduate school. They will be adults in the real world.

This summer, some of the rest of us will be abroad, on vacation, fulfilling internships or working. We will enjoy our summers, full of laughter and maybe some extra cash. We will have new memories and come back to school refreshed to start another academic year. Life flies by. We can’t stop it. Each day closes a page of our lives. Each new day gives us the chance to live out something new.

College ultimately prepares us for real life. We learn about friendship, living with others, responsibility, cramming, just existing as human beings. My first year is almost done. I am not happy about it. I am looking forward to the future, but I am OK with waiting. Life is good. We should enjoy it.

For those who still have a year or more left in college, we need to enjoy every day of it. Soon, we will be like those seniors who will cross the stage May 21. Many seniors will probably say they are ready to be done with school, but they aren’t ready for the real world.

To the seniors, we will miss you. You have left your impression on Elon University. Good luck in the real world, whether it be the Peace Corps, Young Life, graduate school or whatever job you’re taking. Congratulations. You have successfully completed four years of college. Now, the real world is calling. We all must get there eventually.

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Guest Blogger: Popular television shows serve as poor role models in real life

This was written by  Pendulum columnist Nicole Monge.

Like it or not, “Gossip Girl” and “The Real Housewives” series are television programs that have made their way onto our televisions and into our culture.

One of the negative facets of both shows is they tend to teach audiences that manipulating people and stabbing them in the back are practical behaviors for personal gains. These traits and actions can certainly get a person in trouble in corporate America and everyday life. What people don’t realize is that the actions of these people occur in fiction in “Gossip Girl” and over petty, unimportant issues in “The Real Housewives.”

In the real world, when tasks are urgent and problems are important, belittling opponents and trying to one-up them by creating cliques and alliances behind their backs only works for so long. Eventually, establishing that kind of culture and persona will have negative results. People begin to see behind this shady facade that has been created and don’t particularly like what they see.
In “The Real Housewives,” many of the women play both sides of the fence in their social circles by talking badly about one person to a member of the group. They will then form an alliance with another cast member when they talk about the opposite person. In the “The Real Housewives,” when you get caught doing this, there’s drama and at worst, a friend is lost within a gated community. In a real job, a person will get fired.

Both of these shows also teach that creating drama is a means of achieving a goal, when in reality, everyday society will not tolerate this behavior. It’s a cutthroat world, and there is very little time for petty nonsense.  People see right through this drama and demand results rather than excuses.

The real world isn’t a continuation of high school, as these two shows would lead the viewer to believe. In reality, it is the exact opposite. There are jobs and futures at stake. There are real people, not characters blown up to caricature-like proportions by riches and fame.

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Going into a mini-break, focus, Elon, focus!

The next week at Elon will be fairly hectic. Tomorrow, it’s a safe bet that at least the campus will empty out with people heading home or to friends’ for  Easter break. Not that it’s much of a break. It’s one day tacked on to a regular weekend, but then again, Fall Break is only two days tacked on to a weekend, so why not celebrate this, too?

It’s also probably a good bet that a decent number of those that are leaving will not come back until Wednesday, when classes are cancelled once again for SURF Day. On Thursday, we have our Wednesday schedule, though, and then Friday, life resumes as normal except for the fact that it’s, well, Friday, and spring fever is running rampant all over campus.

But it isn’t time to go clicking our heels just yet. Sure, enjoy your chocolate bunnies and attending presentations on SURF Day (or sleeping). Just remember though, this is the home stretch. There’s something easier about hunkering down in the library to prepare for finals when it’s December. Its an entirely different matter when the outdoors is begging you to come spend time with it and all you can think about is packing up your dorm or apartment to move on to summer plans.

It is the end of the semester nonetheless, though. It’s time for final papers, projects and exams. The calendar and weather may be making it easier for us to forget the seriousness of the situation, giving us a few days to flirt with the concept of vacation, but it isn’t time to pack up and move on just yet.

Give it another three weeks. And give it one last good push before its time to move out.

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Arizona approves guns on campuses

A few weeks ago, one of our news editors Kassondra Cloos, wrote a column about a proposal before the Texas legislature to allow guns on college campuses.

Well yesterday, the Arizona House of Representatives voted on a similar bill, allowing guns to be carried on any state university or community college campus. It passed 33-24 and now goes before the governor, having already cleared the Senate. In the Senate, the bill was “watered down” slightly so that guns are not permitted within campus buildings.

Bill supporters say that allowing all students to have guns on campus will allow students to defend themselves against those who wish to do harm with their firearms. I fail to see the logic. Fighting fire with fire just creates a bigger flame.

The Texas bill of a similar nature goes to vote soon, and if it passes, will join Utah as the only two states with broad, guns-allowed-anywhere-on-campus laws. Colorado gives colleges and universities the option to set their own rules.


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