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Three cheers for Dodd as we boo him off the stage

Yes, there’s plenty of debate as to whether or not he screwed up big-time by putting forth the stipulations in the stimulus bill that allowed pre-existing contractual bonuses to be paid in full. But regardless, credit must be given to Sen. Dodd for bringing a responsible, reasoned slant to the AIG mess we’re dealing with right now. His interview with CNN is very revealing about the process that led to the loopholes, but if Dodd’s right there is a loophole within the loophole that will allow Washington to strike back against AIG. Just yesterday Dodd denied having any role on the banking committee that he chaired, and for that we have to throw some eggs at him. His honesty today is born from dishonesty yesterday, but at least we got that honesty at all.

It’s a complex issue, so take a look at the interview; Dodd does a better job explaining everything than I could.

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