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The ugly truth on an ugly issue

Look, I get it. I’m racist, you’re racist, the GOP is racist, Obama is racist, Twitter’s racist…perhaps we’re all, as Avenue Q informed us, a little bit racist. In fact, I think it’s pretty safe to say that everything is racist. Did anyone see Transformers 2? I heard it made some money, and a few swipes at blacks. Has anyone ever watched Lou Dobbs? I heard he might not like Latinos. How many times have you seen a movie that featured a black guy as the funky sideshow, the Asian as the sly, intelligent one (or just Jackie Chan) and the white guy as the gorgeous hero?

Everything’s racist, prejudices are so ingrained into our society that there’s little that we can do to completely expunge ourselves of that. Most of it is subconscious, the subtle tightening of our grip on our backpacks when walking through urban black communities, making the passing assumption that the Korean kid in class is going to be instantly brilliant or casual references to “Mexi-packing” or equating frugality with those of Jewish heritage. Not to deny that it’s not a problem, but there comes a point where there’s simply nothing more to be accomplished by continuing to bring up race issues.

This comes from a completely utilitarian standpoint, so it forgoes the whole, “but if it’s wrong, we’ve gotta fix it!” mentality plenty of folks have. But I’m sorry Jimmy Carter, you fell right into the Republican party’s hands by accusing Obama’s opposition of opposing him because of his race. Yes, the subtext of baseless and tawdry racism was more than evident during the 9/12 protests.

I mean, come on! How stupid can you be? Is anyone going to be swayed by this inane image, carried about during the 9/12 event? What does it offer to the debate other than a ridiculous amount of ignorance and a breathless lack of tact?

I mean, come on! How stupid can you be? Is anyone going to be swayed by this inane image, carried about during the 9/12 event? What does it offer to the debate other than a ridiculous amount of ignorance and a breathless lack of tact?

But calling out those on the right who gleefully stew in their own 1800’s-style opinions on race does nothing but embolden them, and it gives the impression that Obama is trying to use race as an excuse to tar and feather all of his opponents by pigeonholing their opposition into one ugly category (even though he himself hasn’t really done much of that, and I’d doubt that Carter is a well-respected adviser to the current administration, unless peanut-related issues are now vital to national interests).

Admittedly, the race issue is still the skeleton in the closet, but dragging it out accomplishes nothing. It sets the health care debate back, it distracts from environmental policy, it grabs attention away from Afghanistan and it just bottles up the right and shakes them up, irritating them even more than they already are. As morally detestable as it may be, let the race issue sit on the back burner for now, get some legislation done, stow some accomplishments away and maybe then, once some curable ills are remedied, we can solve racism.

But don’t count on it.

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Health care? Who cares?

UPDATE: Well isn’t that appropriate? The liveblog didn’t happen, since I was in a meeting for a huge chunk of the speech. Oh boy. There’s competence for ya.

Us. Duh.

Click the link below for the Opinions blog’s live coverage of Obama’s ringing of the bell for round two of this factitious debate! Only here, and only at 8 o’clock.
Obama’s Big ‘ol Speech

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Only naturally-born U.S. citizens can read this post

Are they gone? Did every single foreign computer user abandon their post and run off to tip over old ladies, or whatever it is non-Americans do? You’re sure it’s just us?

Phew. We can’t have them learning the particulars of our democracy, can we? That’s the sort of thing we should keep to ourselves, I’m sure those of you left over would agree that our successful governmental methods should be cloistered like precious jewels kept behind glass and then hidden in underground safes. Sure, you can’t admire the shimmer or use them to beguile femme fatales, but they’re safe from other folks laying their grubby hands on them.

So while realizing that we didn’t actually have a President, I would also like to announce my resignation from my future presidential campaign. I was planning on eventually declaring my candidacy on “The Daily Show with Carlos Mencia” (no one said the future was a nice place) once I had reached the prerequisite age limit, running on the campaign slogan, “Please don’t squash us, Eurasian Empire.”

Oh how the Eurasians love to squash...

Oh how the Eurasians love to squash...

But, as my legal advisers just informed me, I cannot, as a result of my birth. Article II of the Constitution clearly states:

“No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

Before I’m run off of my own blog, let me reassure you that I am indeed, an American citizen, and to further quell the easily riled, both of my parents are American citizens (even though the Supreme Court has already ruled, in Dred Scott v. Stanford, that the requirement for citizenship is the location of birth, but who listens to them anyways?).

But I was not naturally born. Being an impudent little bundle of joy, I required that my mother give birth to me via a C-section, not by the other, natural method. During which, it was not mechanism of Mother Nature that allowed me to be typing this, but instead, the technique and precision of a doctor and his staff. And there isn’t anything more unnatural than science, as I’m sure my fellow citizens must agree.

So it’s with a heavy heart that I shrink away from my dreams. If only it were a simple matter of being questioned on my citizenship, to which I could then produce birth certificates, the support of the state I was born in and the archival newspaper clips announcing my birth.

Wait. That’s already happening? And you guys still aren’t satisfied? You say you’re petitioning Congress to enlist Doc Brown in going back to 1961 and witness Obama’s birth yourselves? Good luck…and don’t try and make out with your grandma or something in the process

This is similar to Mitt Romney's plight for, being mostly made out of felt, he is also not naturally-born.

This is all similar to Mitt Romney's plight for, being mostly made out of felt, he is also not naturally-born.

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This week in The Pendulum…

For the first issue of the summer, the opinions section will have a nice little balance of that warm, fuzzy optimism that you’ve grown accustomed to reading in other publications, and the typical grizzled, commentary that tends to dominate the editorial pages. If you’re on campus (all three of you) then pick up your copy on Wednesday, but if not, take a look on the Internet. I heard it’s the hip, new thing.

As for a few sneak peeks at this week’s content…

  • Learn about the humility and honor in charity, no matter how small the contribution may seem.
  • Can Obama’s new “Can’t we all get along?” policy for the Middle East accomplish anything?
  • Reality TV doesn’t just hurt the pride of super models and the crotches of the contestants on “Wipeout.”
  • The revolution in Iran will be televised, and the West can do nothing but watch.
  • Hard times don’t mean that deplorable behavior is inevitable, it means that ideologues will have an excuse for their depravity.
And find out just what this cat and his bumper car have to do with Obama's economic policies...

And find out just what this cat and his bumper car have to do with Obama's economic policies...

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Once more, with feeling!

It’s amazing what illness and Easter will do to a blog. Yes, there weren’t any posts this weekend, but on the other hand, nothing too incredibly significant occurred. The Obamas got a lump of fuzz, the captain was rescued by American sniping, some cable news-worthy trials and celebrity musings occurred, but nothing that will forever change the course of human history went down, unless Mel Gibson being single again signals a turning point in human progress.

Sorry marijuana enthusiasts, Obama could be smoking Cubans instead.

Sorry marijuana enthusiasts, Obama could be smoking Cubans instead.

One very interesting matter seems to be inching closer and closer to a boil, that being the pointlessly contentious matter of of U.S.-Cuban relations. The Obama administration is now toughening up its pressure for the 47-year embargo against our tiny Commie neighbor to be slowly lifted. According to the AP, first those of Cuban descent will be granted visitation rights and the ability to transfer money, and then eventually the island could very well be open to American tourists.

This, despite what those of us who mumble about Red heathens in our sleep may think, is a change in policy that has been long overdue. Who, exactly, does the embargo serve to benefit? It doesn’t help the people of Cuba, it merely allows the government to further consolidate what limited resources the country has and makes it a sort of rallying cry for the rest of the world’s bumbling socialists like Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez. It doesn’t really do America any good, it’s not like keeping Cuban goods out of the country protects our own industries or serves any legitimate economic interest.

It’s really just a vestigial limb, a leftover from antiquated Cold War dogma. In effect, it’s just the same as a jerky little kid pulling up the rope ladder to his tree house and sneering at that little Castro kid from down the road because he smells like cigars and has a beard at a freakishly young age.

This ties in to something that has always amused me, that being the idea that most folks in favor of policies like those in place with Cuba, believe that American ideals are the best, that Old Glory represents everything that’s good and golden in life and eventually everybody should be privy to those same principles. Fair enough. But when a country or its government doesn’t agree with said ideals, the gut reaction is to retract behind bunkers and throw snide remarks at them or ignore their existence altogether. If we’re really so great (and obviously so, given that without the Soviet Union Cuba has been mired in economic stagnation) why not open up communication and the borders and allow our goods and people to intermix in a great melting pot, with everything nice and tasty floating to the top?

Oh, I remember now. They’re pinko Commies.

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There Will be Bias

I'm sorry Mr. President, could you say that again?

I'm sorry Mr. President, could you say that again?

Look, I love the New York Times as much as the next news junkie, mostly because it’s free in McEwen. But the article, “Seeking Everyman, Obama Does Leno,” beside from the obvious awkwardness from the title, sums every every criticism the far right has thrown against the paper. What’s everyone talking about in wake of Obama’s interview? His incredibly regrettable comment comparing his bowling to the Special Olympics. That’s the sort of comment that you’d expect from an unoriginal comedian, or an episode of Family Guy, it’s not what the President should be saying. To his credit, Obama immediately apologized to the Special Olympics, but the damage has already been done. Every media outlet has it, for better or for worse, plastered all over its coverage.

The New York Times, on the other hand, doesn’t mention the gaffe until the very end of the article, as an offhand remark. What was deemed more important? The way he strode onto stage, how he shook Kevin Eubanks’s hand and what he was wearing. Oh, and a few paragraphs explaining just how wonderful it was that Obama went onto the show with the intent of re-connecting with the average American.

There could be a perfectly legitimate reason the New York Times made the article as it did, but from the standpoint of a reader, it’s just another example of the media fawning over Obama, with little concern given for his faults. And this is coming from ardent supporter of Obama!

Also, David Brooks’s article, “Perverse Cosmic Myopia” sounds like a terrible metal band that a bunch of high schoolers start up in someone’s basement.

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All you can really do is sigh…

Who thought this was a good idea?

Who thought this was a good idea?

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