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Editorials and Columns for the week

Here’s a wrap-up of what you can expect when you open the latest issue of The Pendulum!

In the Editorial section, we have a piece about The Pendulum’s response to a recent debacle with the SGA. There’s also one on campus safety in the wake of recent crime on campus.

On the column front, three lovely ladies stepped up this week to share their opinions on alternative grading, Winter Term classes at Elon and summer internships.

Finally, online only, there’s one about the Super Bowl and its popularity in the United States.

Thanks for reading The Pendulum and of course, the Opinions section! Stay tuned for more posts and make sure to pick up your hard copy all around campus or read it on Issuu.com!

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Super Bowl in a super community

Last night was Super Bowl XLV. In the basement screening of the McEwen School of Communications, a group of nearly two dozen gathered to eat pizza, talk and watch the game on the big screen. This room coincidentally shares a wall with the temporary office of The Pendulum.

Super Bowl parties are about sharing a good time. For many, their cherished teams were out of the running long ago, so the interest in who actually wins is minimal. People choose sides for the sake of choosing sides, not for any personal convictions, save maybe the fans of those teams eliminated in the play-offs by the Steelers or Packers.

The Super Bowl is also about the commercials. People are quieter when the game broadcast pauses than when it’s actually on. The Super Bowl is also about the half-time show. And this year’s was no dissapointment.

But what struck me most about this year’s Super Bowl was the fact that behind some steel support beams and drywall, sat a few of the Pendulum staff, dilligently working to prepare pages for our weekly Monday-night production. The celebration of community I was attending was directly adjacent to one of the voices of the community, and the indisputable link between the two was striking.

It’s easy to forget who we represent in the world of journalism. But when we remember, it’s a wonderful feeling. Because the people cheering on players charging up and down the field are the same people affected by what we publish. And we owe them. We owe them big.

Even bigger than that man owes the gopher/woodchuck/beaver creature owes the guy in the Bridgestone tire commercial.

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The “global citizen”

Here at Elon, one of the main goals of the administration is to make students “global citizens.” I’m not really positive what they mean by that, but if they want students to be concerned about the world around them, both on a public and personal level, I think they’ve done a pretty good job. The current unrest in Egypt has had an impact here, an ocean and most of a continent away from the African nation (which is being discussed on the media as more of a Middle-Eastern state).

We had six students at the American University in Cairo when the fighting broke out. Luckily, they were away from the city for a great deal of it, and when they returned, five were able to get on one of the few flights leaving, making it safely to Istanbul, Turkey.  The sixth remained in Egypt with family. But for a while there, it was scary! To think that members of the Elon community, which some would call a family, were in the midst of a political fallout getting more and more dire with each passing day is truly a fearful thought.

Elon students would do well to remember that when we study abroad, we’re not just transplanting our life here to a life there. We are becoming active members of the new environment we live in. Their troubles are our troubles and sometimes, that means actual danger or at least, the risk of danger.

We should also recall that we have faculty members and students here who are from Egypt and have family there. Being a global citizen is about more than just knowing what CNN is showing on television; its about having empathy and genuine concern not just for our own personal interests, but for those of the people who surround us each day.

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The Comeback Mixup


Was it worth the wait?

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Weekly Mixup

Give it a click...you know you want to listen...

Give it a click...you know you want to listen...

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This week in The Pendulum…

For the first issue of the summer, the opinions section will have a nice little balance of that warm, fuzzy optimism that you’ve grown accustomed to reading in other publications, and the typical grizzled, commentary that tends to dominate the editorial pages. If you’re on campus (all three of you) then pick up your copy on Wednesday, but if not, take a look on the Internet. I heard it’s the hip, new thing.

As for a few sneak peeks at this week’s content…

  • Learn about the humility and honor in charity, no matter how small the contribution may seem.
  • Can Obama’s new “Can’t we all get along?” policy for the Middle East accomplish anything?
  • Reality TV doesn’t just hurt the pride of super models and the crotches of the contestants on “Wipeout.”
  • The revolution in Iran will be televised, and the West can do nothing but watch.
  • Hard times don’t mean that deplorable behavior is inevitable, it means that ideologues will have an excuse for their depravity.
And find out just what this cat and his bumper car have to do with Obama's economic policies...

And find out just what this cat and his bumper car have to do with Obama's economic policies...

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Everything you need to know until tomorrow…

I’m actually not sure why I’m blogging right now, the weather’s brilliant, obligations have freed up a bit and that sensation of stepping into the vast unknown of an unstructured summer break is keeping me on my toes. Nonetheless, the rest of the world is moving on, and Elon’s doing its best to keep up.

  • An issue near and dear to Elon’s heart is the matter of Dr. Ocek Eke being denied tenure, a matter that has from the very get-go struck me as incredibly suspicious. By not speaking out about it, the University has allowed rumors and accusations to fly about the campus, with a great deal of the student body genuinely comfused as to why such a high-quality professor is being let go. Yes, he’s highly political, but his advocacy doesn’t just serve a bully pulpit, but he works tirelessly to improve the world around him. There’s something to be said for those who don’t just pencil push and wallow in academia, but instead try to demonstrate the power of the individual in the political landscape. For more info, click here for some Pendulum coverage.
  • Stop the presses. President Obama has shaken hands with Hugo Chavez, further cementing his reputation as a horrible communist. As we all know, the proper way to deal with a foreign leader we don’t agree with is to leer at them from across the table, and pretend not to when they look in your direction.
  • Of course, the major issue everyone on campus is buzzing about is Pirate Bay’s founders being found guilty, and sentenced to millions of dollars in payments they can’t possibly afford as well as up to a year in jail. We can pitter and patter about whether or not the court made the right decision, but like it or not, the decision is most likely going to stay. The implications that arise from this are far-reaching and could signal the end of the pirating culture that has become the norm in the Internet. To be sure, there will always be Internet piracy, but it has reached a point now where it seems to be the norm, not the exception to download media illegally. By indicating that those who provide the means to pirate can be just as accountable as those who engage in the acts of privacy, the suppliers, the big guns are now being aimed at. Speaking of guns, by this similar logic, can’t gun makers be accountable for providing folks with the means to murder? Can drug companies be held responsibile if their products can be addictive? Can film companies be held responsible for emotional damages if a movie is terrible?

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